HPC HDMI 4 PortMulti ViewSystem is high-performance video switch which allows signals from four different Full HD sources to be integrated for simultaneous display on a single monitor. This flexible, cost-effective switch has been designed to be used in a number of different applications, such as Digital Presentation, CCTV Surveillance & Control or Conference & Meeting Room.


1. Dual Modes feature: 3 HDMI Inputs + 1SD Card or 4HDMI Inputs
2. Control via IR Remote Control, Keyboard, and Mouse, & Push Button
3. Support 4K/30hz
5 Display Mode:
Windows mode 
- Freestyle Drag & drop each windows via USB Mouse
- Zoom in or out with the mouse, keeping the aspect ratio or stretching free.
- Select the source that you want to be Background, which source is a full-screen background.
- Double click on the source to select full screen.
PIP mode 
- Use drag mouse to position PIP and zoom freely.
- Double click on the PIP screen to full-screen display.
PAP mode (1 large video + 3 small video)
- Changing the position of the thumbnail from the template OSD menu: right, left, top, bottom.
- Choose full-screen content from the OSD menu.
- Audio available from large video input only.
- Double click each windows for full screen. The Audio is still referenced large video.
Quad mode 
- Sort 1,2,3,4
Full-Screen mode 
- Switch from remote and mouse buttons on the top OSD menu.
- Half-screen mode (Dual). Display only the left or right of the source.

Additional Information

1. HDMI 4 Port Quad View System x 1
2. Power adapter x 1
3. User manual x 1
4. White Box x 1


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