HPC Technology. Have the experience, capability, and R&D resource to develop and manufacture OEM/ODM product according to clients’ samples, drawing, and international standard. From CAD systems to the final production, we are capable of providing suitable products to meet our clients’ specific needs through communication. We are not only offering OEM/ODM products but also the integrated solutions to reduce our clients’ expenses and streamline their work. From prototype to mass production, our products are manufacturing under strict control program in our factory with ISO9001 certified. Moreover, over years of close partnership with cross-field, upstream and downstream suppliers, HPC Technology. could provide a variety of related products other than on the website and in the catalog. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to request for more information, please reach out to us. We appreciate your time and will get back to you ASAP. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

TurnKey Design for OEM/ODM Service


PCB Layout, PCB Layout Design, and PCB Layout Services are available for many different applications. We use Portal schematic capture and PCB layout software. Our engineers will produce a high quality, cost-effective PCB layout design from one to twelve circuit layers. We have experience with surface mount components, through-hole components, and designs that use a mixture of component mounting technologies. We also provide rapid turn-around for prototype PCBs tailored to your schedule.


HPC designs a wide range of electronic hardware. We do rapid prototyping, design for low-cost consumer applications, and design for high quality, reliable industrial applications. We develop complete custom products from concept to production or we can analyze and fix a design problem with an existing product. Our engineers are well suited for a variety of analog, digital, power, and microprocessor design tasks. We have experience with systems integration, data acquisition, signal conditioning, and motion control. Our engineering teams develop automatic testing equipment to meet a wide range of specific customer challenges.


Consider the value of using our rapid CAD Plastic / Metal Prototyping Processing to give your business a considerable edge even in the most competitive markets. As a manufacturer - maker of CAD plastic / Metal prototyping - prototypes, by using our plastic prototype machine, we can prove to you that it is actually the prime key to success by its implementation being able to shorten your product development time. As a manufacturer of plastic / Metal prototypes, our CAD rapid plastic prototyping process is generally much quicker, sometimes in 24-36 hours. Solid Works and photo rendering model look very real. In house da Vinci 1.0A 3D printer from XYZ, makes also the manufacturing support to simplify assembly. The electronic and mechanical design go as an interaction to get the optimum performance and cost effective solution.

Custom Cable OEM/ODM Service


HPC is able to provide Green Energy products such as Solar tracker cable and EV cable.tracker cable and EV 


HPC is able to provide Industrial products such as Flexible cable, Robot cable and High freq flexible cable.


HPC is able to provide Medical products such as Medical auto bed control cable.tracker cable and EV cable. EV cable. EV 


HPC is able to provide Transportation products such as LVDS cable and NMEA.as LVDS cable and NMEA.


HPC is able to provide High Flex Power Over CameraLink Cable / USB / 1394 /GigaE Cable EV cable. EV cable. EV cable.



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